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I CAN answer questions related to defensive use of firearms, tactics, prudent modifications of firearms, utility of certain types of firearms. My greatest knowledge is in the area of handguns. PLEASE READ BEFORE SENDING QUESTIONS: I CAN NOT identify antique guns or those that are old and out-of-production. I CAN NOT tell you the value of your firearms. I CAN NOT tell you the history of your guns. I CAN NOT supply information about cheap, inherently unsafe firearms (e.g. Jimenez, Jennings, Lorcin).

Experience in the area

Primary Instructor, F2v (armed and unarmed self-defense); NRA Certified Instructor; NRA Distinguished Expert, Handgun; International Defensive Pistol Association certified Safety Officer; IDPA classified Expert, Stock Service Pistol Division; Multiple graduate, Practical Firearms Training, Tactical Carbine and Advanced Defensive Handgun; Blackwater Training Center, Advanced Skills Handgun; Insights Training Center, Defensive Folding Knife; Integrated Defensive Fighting Systems, Unarmed Defense and Fixed Blade Knife; Range qualified with local police department, handgun and shotgun; Kukkiwon Ildan Black Belt, ETS certified Self-Defense Instructor


National Rifle Association, International Defensive Pistol Association, Virginia Citizens' Defense League; Integrated Defensive Fighting Systems; Personal Defense Group


Tactical Journal


Bachelor's and Master's degrees; Graduate Practical Firearms Training, Handgun levels 1, 2, and 3, and Tactical Carbine; Kukiwan certified Ildan black belt.

Awards and Honors

Multiple trophies from various tactical pistol competitions.

What do you like about this subject?

The study of the gun is a modern martial art. People do not need to be victims unless they choose to be.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

To see my front sight faster

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

When it comes to self defense equipment, the holster you use is as important as the handgun you carry in it.

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2015-10-06 Ruger mini 14:

As you know, the Mini 14 is a utility, rather than a precision rifle.    Once a precision rifle is set up, people are very skitterish about touching them since once never knows what might open up groups

2014-09-24 .22 magnum and LR ammunition:

Unfortunately, it's just an issue of supply and demand. People afraid of an ammunition shortage, buy up everything that becomes available. I've seen the cycle before: the mfg companies will ramp up to

2014-03-10 Inherited .32:

Although most anything can work in a pinch for lubricating a firearm, I would recommend that you get some lubricant made specifically for firearms to clean and lubricate it. There are many on the market

2014-02-12 modifications to my rifle:

OK, that makes more sense now. This from the website "The Truth About Guns:"    "The front sling mounting point is problematic for bipods. Itís suitable for some of the more expensive bipods, but if youíre

2014-02-12 modifications to my rifle:

I'm not really sure why you are saying that you can't attach a bipod to the stud that comes with the rifle. If the reason is that you'd like that stud free for a sling, most better bipods (and even some


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