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I have been interested in computer hardware, especially 3D graphics and the hardware behind it, for nearly two decades; I have knowledge in the installation, use, troubleshooting, purchase, and overclocking of computer graphics adapters (including non-ATI/AMD and non-nVidia solutions) and related hardware.

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I have been an enthusiast of PC's for many years, and can answer questions about the purchase/use of a new computer or the purchase, installation, and use of upgrades for existing computers. There probably isn't a whole lot related to the home computer that I haven't seen over the years.


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Recent Answers from Bobbert

2016-11-15 Graphics Cards:

I would need more information about your computer to give you a definite answer as to whether or not you can install an add-in graphics card. Do you have a specific model number?    To the question of

2012-10-04 Graphics Card + Power Supply:

It should be well beyond the requirements of that card - ensure that it is compatible with the rest of your hardware though (e.g. that the motherboard uses a standard ATX power connector, that is wired

2012-09-30 PCI Express Version:

No it will not use more memory or power. Newer versions of PCIe simply provide higher bandwidth for compatible hardware (but again, this doesn't represent a performance increase - look at the GPU and memory

2012-09-29 PCI Express Version:

The simple answer is that it really doesn't matter, performance-wise. The GPU and memory arrangement on the card is what matters.     To verify what revision your system board has, you would need your

2012-07-18 Graphics card and monitor:

You're welcome!     Regarding the LCD question - you almost have it. "LED displays" are LCD panels with RGB LED lights (either per-segment or side-light; side-light is less expensive) in place of CCFLs


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