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I can answer questions regarding computer audio both speakers and sound cards, and their interactions with one another. In addition to being able to answer questions regarding the purchase and maintinence of such devices.

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Roughly a decade of experience with PC hardware and audio applications. Avid computer and audio enthusiast.


Computer and audio enthusiast

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Gabriel07/10/15101010EXCELLENT ADVICE!! Thank you, Gabe
Ali 12/08/14101010thnx a lot, u really helped me .....
Lindsay11/26/14101010Thanks Bobbert. I really appreciate your advice .....

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2017-01-08 DVD Video Sound vs. CD Music sound:

Can you be more elaborate on what is meant by "very poor"? Do you mean things are simply too quiet? Or something else? Can you provide more information about exactly what you're playing back with - like

2016-09-21 Audio:

That would be a global loop-back, and wouldn't create harm, but will capture *all* output audio which may create an "echo" if you play that captured signal back at once. Another option for capturing audio

2015-10-20 Headphones question...:

It may work (assuming the adapter and headphones pair appropriately, and that the adapter is compatible with your operating system), but it would seem more logical to me to just purchase a complete wireless

2015-07-10 more RAM?:

For future reference Gigabyte does still have this product listed on their website: The manual is available here:

2015-07-09 more RAM?:

I think there may be some confusion on units of measure here:     - 1MB is equal to 1024KB, or roughly 1 million bytes.   - 1GB is equal to 1024MB, or roughly 1 billion bytes.     With your system, unless


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