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I used to build computers but no longer do. I can give you advise or point you in the right path, but I am not up to date on current tech. If you have a older computer, that's where I can help you the best. But I can help you with new computers as well. I offer no help on MAC.

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Daniel08/18/08101010Thanks John.
Avery05/22/08101010thanks again

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2008-08-21 Washers supplied with case?:

They are like a red or orange color, right?    If so, Yes, use them!!!    They go on the screws that hold the motherboard down.   On the CPU side.  So put the motherboard in, put the washer on the screw

2008-05-08 Headset not working:

Well Angela,  I am glad you are willing to learn, because it may take a few e-mails here.    First, is there a sound card in this or just onboard sound?    If there is a sound card, what kind?  Brand /

2008-04-20 Which PCI Video Card Is Better For Gaming?:

Tim,  I not much of of a fan of Diamond, so I say visiontek using your picks.    Now Tim, I would like to recommend this one:    XFX GeForce 6200 Video Card - 512MB DDR2, PCI, DVI, VGA, TV Out    Check

2008-04-11 Getting New Computers:

Which laptops would you say are good quality and known for not overheating?    Dell, Sony, and IBM are great.    What "ingredients" might I need to build my own desktop computer?    Memory, video, sound

2008-03-12 OS installation headache:

Steve,  I will be happy to help you.  This may take a few e-mails however.    Did you run defragmenter?  Worth a try.    To enter bios, try:    F3, F8, F6, F10, F12, Del, Esc.    Those are the ones I know


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