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I don't answer Mac OS 9 questions anymore, thank you. Current Tech: Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.8, Some shell scripting, cron, Mac OS X Server 10.2-10.6, AD-OD Integration, Automator, Word Press Blogging, All CURRENT Mac models, iLife '09 and previous, iWork '09 and previous, Apple Remote Desktop, WiFi, iOS jailbreaking/unlocking, some MS SharePoint (design, not development) Devices: iPhone(original-4s) & iPad(through 3rd gen), AppleTV(all models), Airport Express, Time Capsule Old Skool, meaning I have this experience as a base, but don't answer questions on it anymore: Mac OS Environment 7.5.3-OS 9 (please upgrade for pete's sake!), PowerBook G3/G4(all models), Mac/Windows Networking, PowerPC 604-G4 desktop models, Outlook 2001, Photoshop 7 and previous, Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX Mac OS X Public Beta-10.4, all Windows Server operating systems and use. Dabbler: Newton 2100 w/ WiFi and NSync, Yellow Dog Linux, Suse Linux (PPC), Ubuntu Linux, Vista Business

Experience in the area

I worked in IT for ten years with a specialty in Macintosh technologies and Project Management.
I've worked with the Macintosh Operating system and various machines since my first PowerMac 8500 running Mac OS 7.5.3 in 1996. I support my friends and family in keeping their Macs healthy and upgraded. Now I use a MacBook Pro for our home media network and we're pretty much down to iPads and iPhones for daily use.
Most important: I've also worked on PCs for a number of years with various flavors of Windows(95,98,NT4,2000,2000Server,2K3Server,SBS 2K3Server,Mil,XPHome,XPPro, Vista Business), but I've always used the Mac as my platform of preference.
Publications : VPNs and Outlook(2001)


Mac OS X Certification Alliance, Linked In

Publications : VPNs and Outlook


I'm an Apple Certified System Administrator (ACSA) through 10.4 and have the lower certs as well (ACTC for 10.1 - 10.6), an Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist for 10.3 (ACHDS) and a member of the Apple Consultants Network, as well as an Apple Product Professional for 2002-2009.
I have an MCP cert. from MS as well...

Past/Present Clients

Navy Federal Credit Union (Washington, D.C.) Whole Foods Market (Mid Atlantic Region) Army Times (Washington, D.C.) Children's National Medical Center (Washington, D.C.) Dodge Communications (ATL) ...and a plethora of All Coveredô clients throughout the United States of America (now a part of Konica Minolta)

What do you like about this subject?

I enjoy working on the Macintosh platform and helping people realize their goals using the Mac. The Macintosh is a great tool for all means of hobbies and careers from photography to Power Point presentations. It provides the user with a robust operating system and the IT department with a machine that's easy to manage and inexpensive to upgrade.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope I'm able to contribute to the online community in some way over the next decade or so. (Hey look at that, it's been a decade)

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Have you checked out Apple's Support (and discussions) lately? AWESOME documentation, and very searchable discussions. Got AppleCare? GET IT.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Jailbreaking iOS devices. AT&T finally let us unlock them officially off contract, but jailbreaking still provides a plethora of apps not found in the app store. is a great source for info on this.

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