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Expert on most European stocks (with a smattering of knowledge of American and Asian stocks)

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Regular watcher of CNBC and Bloomberg International

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Prashant S Akerkar 08/25/16101010Dear Harry Thanks. Prashant
aliraza09/11/13101010good fast reply thanx
Richard05/31/11101010EXACTLY the answer/info that I needed, including .....

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2016-04-16 Exchange Question:

The latest figures I have access to suggest that are London traded are down 9% on the year whilst the Swiss version are down 7% on the year. According to the website, the fund trades in three currencies

2013-09-18 Singer shares:

I do apologise, but I cannot find any evidence S467266 ever having entered (or indeed exited) bankruptcy. May I ask on what stock exchange the company was traded on, when it exited bankruptcy and what

2013-09-11 stock:

It should be possible either via Interactive Brokers online or failing that find someone in Pakistan who can buy stock on your behalf. Dividends are paid biannually (every six months) and were valued at


I shall be honest and say that I do not entirely understand the futures market but believe that you call a stock you believe is overpriced and put a stock that is underpriced. As with all stocks, speak

2013-02-22 Hebilla Mining Corp:

Hebilla Mining Corp was placed on the SEC's foreign restricted list in December 1970 following the discovery that Robert Colucci was a company officer. Mr. Colucci first got into trouble with the SEC in


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