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I believe I can answer nearly any question about business writing. That goes in spades if the target audience is a lay readership. I make my living writing and speaking. N.B.: I DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS MARKED 'PRIVATE' because I believe that knowledge should be shared, not hoarded. I also believe such questions are likely to be submitted by people trying to cheat. In addition, don't waste your time asking me to write something for you. You don't learn anything if I do that. I'm happy to critique something that YOU write, of course. That's the best way for you to learn how to write well.

Experience in the area

My profession is business valuation, which means appraising businesses whose shares are not publicly traded. This requires in-depth knowledge about a number of disciplines, including economics, finance, strategic management, accounting, anthropology, statistics, and psychology. The left-brain part of me must conduct rigorous research and financial analysis. The right-brain side must then separate what matters from what doesn't and then explain it all in writing (and in everyday English) to people (usually business owners, but sometimes judges and juries) who do not have the expertise that I have been lucky enough to acquire over the years. I love what I do and consider myself fortunate to live in a country where I can do what I love doing and make a nice living doing it. I am glad to help with writing issues, but NOT, please, with any valuation, business consulting, or other non-writing questions.


CFA Institute, American Society of Appraisers, Strategic Management Society, Academy of Management, Culver Legion, National Association of Scholars.


Besides two published books (search for "Warren D. Miller" on Amazon), I have written for the Harvard Business Review, American Fly Fisher, Business Valuation Review, CPA Expert, Academy of Management Executive, CFA Digest, Valuation Strategies, and others.


MBA - Oklahoma State U. (1991); BBA - U. of Oklahoma (1975); Chartered Financial Analyst designation (2006) Accredited Senior Appraiser (2006) Certified Public Accountant (1992)

Awards and Honors

Business Valuation Volunteer of the Year (2001) - American Institute of CPAs Winner - Oklahoma Humorous-Speaking Contest - Toastmasters International (1971)

Past/Present Clients


What do you like about this subject?

I like the fact that business writing is so important, yet few business people do it well. Most confuse good writing with that flowery stuff they read in English classes. Business writing is far closer to journalism than to college English. IMHO, all graduates should have to take two journalism courses in News Writing.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

One of these days I hope to publish the biography of a great editor of a prominent U.S. magazine in the U.S. He is now deceased. I can't say more than that because I don't want to disclose the subject of my work. I'm also working on my third book.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Short sentences and short words trump long ones. The active voice runs circles around the passive one. Avoid adverbs. All good writers are voracious readers. If you've not read the elegant simplicity of writing by such titans as Hemingway, Orwell, Shakespeare, the Bronte sisters, Anne Frank, and E.B. White, you're unlikely to become a good writer. The best writing is in books, not blogs.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

The key to good technical writing is to write short sentences in everyday English. That's a lot harder than it sounds. And the more educated one is, the harder it becomes.

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