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Questions regarding the Amiga computer: I'm familiar most with software issues, but will do my best to troubleshoot any hardware problem you've encountered. If I can't answer a specific question, I will do my best to direct you to someone who can.

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I certainly don't know everything about the Amiga, but having been a user of several different Amiga models for about fifteen years, I'm willing to share what I know.


Associate of Applied Science in Drafting/CAD Technology (A.A.S.)

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A great deal of Amiga hardware is old--some more than 20 years now--and as such, is quite likely to fail in one or more ways. Even unused Amiga hardware can be affected just by sheer age/time. Considering the typical lifespan of a computer, the Amiga has done quite well!

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angelo11/16/15101010thanks for your help
Liam09/23/15101010A very quick response and helpful too .....
Paul12/29/14101010Thank you very much. I will update .....

Recent Answers from Gregory Donner

2015-12-20 Amiga CD32 Expansion:

Hi Paul,    Honestly, I have no idea whether or not this would work--I'm not an electrical hardware guy (at the least), so I can't say. :( Sorry--but just being honest about that.    But that said, you

2015-11-24 CD32:

Hi Paul,    I did a little web searching, and found what I trust you're looking for--the Paravision SX-1 setup disk (in .DMS format, which compresses the setup disk into a single file):    http://amiga

2015-11-13 commodore amiga 3000 problems:

Hi Angelo,    The only U.S.-based places I'm aware of are Amigakit:    But the following forum thread ( notes that a guy in

2014-09-22 amiga 500 video problem:

Hi Tomaz,    Not being a hardware expert, I can only make a pooly-educated guess, but I would suspect some of the hardware within your Amiga 500 is at fault. You could also ask on the old Usenet newsgroups

2014-01-29 amiga 500:

Hi Fred,    Is the flash red light coming from the monitor or from somewhere else, such as the Power LED?    If it's the monitor, you likely have a bad ROM (Read-Only Memory) chip that needs replacing


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