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Basic set-up of books, master pages, generation of List of Effective pages (LEP), Indexing, auto-numbering. Various ways to import graphics, including advantages and disadvantages of importing into a text frame or importing into a "blank" page. Using a "book" to generate PDF files, with hyperlinking. Customization of function keys, currently setup for Frame 7.0 i.e. change F1 to turn "Change bar" On and Off, F2 to "Cut" a selection, F3 to copy, F4 to Paste, F6 to set line to "TOP OF PAGE" and Shift F6 to start line "anywhere" these can be easily your current config files and if you do not like them - old config files can be restored. I have no expertise in Structured Framemaker, (i.e. XML or SGML).

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10 years working with Framemaker, all version through Version 7.0
Primarily writing to Aviation ATA spec 100. Currently responsible for maintaining all company published maintenance documents in Framemaker and PDF and making them accessible through the company intranet.

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Larry Spiegl12/29/151010Wayne's responses were quick and helpful, and .....
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Carl09/13/13101010Thanks Wayne. It worked!

Recent Answers from Wayne Johnson

2016-12-07 Book Error in FrameMaker13:

Nikki -  There could be a couple of things that are causing the problem.     1.  Do you have "generated" files in your book, (i.e. TOC, Index, etc.), if you do you need to run "Update" book. After you

2016-07-19 Framemaker Version for a Given Document:

Gary - I do not know of anything that will show in the attribute file.  What you can try is the following:  The following is for Windows 7.  Right click and Select Open With.  On the next screen Select

2016-04-12 Simplified Chinese index:

Norah - Sorry I can not help you because I don't know anything about simplified Chinese.    You might try the following Adobe help file:

2015-12-22 Saving Book versions:

Larry - What I do is copy and paste the folder with the book and files and give it a new name.  If you have a Folder for your basic document, (i.e. Company Manuals), then just copy the folder and paste

2015-12-21 Saving Book versions:

Larry - I am a little confused, in your description are you using BOOKS or FILES.    You can open a new BLANK document and do an IMPORT FORMATS. Go to FILE - IMPORT - IMPORT FORMATS. Both files have to


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