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Being an Education Advocate, I am able to answer questions related to educating students diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. I represent numerous students with these challenges. Too often schools do not properly serve the needs of these students and I sometimes have to fight to get my clients the special education services they require. Sometimes the schools push for medication rather than looking at the needs of the student. For some of my clients, medications have worked wonders, but for others medication is not the answer. Many times schools want to give parents a 504 Plan rather than qualifying the child for special education. Some of my clients have been well served by 504 Plans, but being qualified for special education services has many advantages. I have answered over a thousand AllExperts' questions in the categories of Special Education, Autism, and Speech.

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I have represented hundreds of students and their parents over the past 7 years as an Education Advocate. I have been successful in getting my clients the services they need from their schools. Often I find myself educating parents about their legal options for their children. Once we agree on a plan of action, I implement it to the benefit of the student.


I have a degree in Mathematics with minors in psychology and physics from the University of California.

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Having answered over one thousand questions, I have received very high ratings from the parents I have helped through in the categories of Special Education, Autism, and Speech.

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Amrutraj,    Be thankful that your son is doing well academically and is bright. Emotions are a tough area to address, especially with a 7 year old. He might benefit from counseling. This is not my area

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Gabi,  It sounds like you have your hands full. I'm normally opposed to holding kids back a year, but there are notable exceptions. Based on what you have shared, it is very possible this could be the

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Rajesh,    You are doing the right thing by seeking advice from your psychologist. Since your son is on medication for his ADHD, I assume he is also being treated by a medical professional, which is good

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Loraine,    I'm sorry to report I really don't have any magic pill to help your son. Being an advocate, I usually get involved with kids that are acting out at school. Since your son does not do this,

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James,    Talk to the teacher in this class. See if you can do some extra credit work to bring up your grade. Also see if you can bed moved to the front of the class so that the distractions are behind


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