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I have 40 years experience teaching learning disabled students, including some diagnosed as ADHD. I can answer basic questions about special education law, instructional techniques, and best spec. ed. practice

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Experience as a teacher, administrator, consultant, tutor, diagnostician. Love to teach!


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Recent Answers from Norm Bishop

2016-04-12 Can I change my availability after I'm hired do to a disability?:

This is a good question and yes, I don't know if I am qualified to answer it.  But, I will tell you what I think.      The best plan to let an employee know that you have a disability is when you are diagnosed

2014-10-03 what is this exactly?:

The forgetting could be due to a number of things.  If it is something that you have battled with in the past, then it might be ADHD, but if it has just started happening lately, then you would need to

2014-05-18 ADD accommodation in Middle School:

I would ask for overall planning instruction, where he keeps a system of knowing when things are due, when he needs to complete each assignment, and a system of getting things turned in to the appropriate

2014-02-09 therapy/ ADHD:

Ok, sounds like you are in the right place.  So many kids in schools don't get that much service, let alone what sounds pretty deliberate.  My favorite behavior therapy is called PBIS, Positive Behavior

2014-02-09 therapy/ ADHD:

Wow, this is a very difficult question, in that the behaviors that accompany ADHD are so unique to each child.  Let me start though, by saying that he must be doing fairly well if he isn't in need of an


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