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All questions related to medical diagnosis ,treatment ,councilling ,remediation and monitoring medication in ADHD and co morbid conditions.

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Mainly children, some Adults with ADHD and co-morbid conditions, country wide.

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peteraubreygoodwill@gmail.com03/02/17101010Best Doctor that know about Ritalin and .....
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Energizer Bunny07/14/15101010Thank you for all of your help!

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2017-03-02 Oh dear GOD help:

Would I take Ritalin if needed....YES! Next, you cannot take sleeping tablets with Ritalin, it will make you worse. Ritalin is a stimulant and sleeping tablets are sedative and do  not kill pain.. The

2016-12-14 Undiagnosed Ritalin Side effect:

I cannot advise an anonymous person and more so without examining them. However nothing you have said makes any medical  sense! You cannot become allergic to Ritalin.You are  either allergic to start with

2016-05-22 Ritalin for Normal People:

If ADHD is right brain dominance and left brain immaturity stimulants boost the immature side to establish normality. That is left brain dominance. Taking stimulants when the left brain is dominant makes

2016-01-11 Can Adderall be taken for life:

Firstly ,you have my sympathy. Questions like you have pose imply unfortunately you have little knowledge of ADHD . If you have seen an expert doctor he would have given you all the answers. You need an

2015-10-08 ADHD medication for children:

From what you have  described, I can only first sympathize and then state it would appear that the treatment your son is getting is totally wrong and as parents have not been fully advised about the condition


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