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I can answer questions related to terminal illness and hospice care, such as pain and symptom management. Hospice care is very personal and rewarding.

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6.5 years of working with hospice patients.

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leesa12/24/11101010Thank you for your help.
Sarah Smith11/04/11101010 
diana06/20/1010thank you so much for responding to .....

Recent Answers from Violet Argo RN

2013-04-13 needle stick question:

Marie, I don't know how to answer your question. The first thing I will say is under no circumstance are you to ever put yourself at risk for any organization. It is crucial that you know your organization's

2012-06-30 Two years to freedom...:

Christine, OK this is a truly great reason to wait. It will not look weird if you make the transitions you mentioned. One thing you may consider is working one day per week in hospice as pool/PRN, some

2012-06-26 Two years to freedom...:

You have wonderful ambitions. However, I am confused about why you are waiting to start your hospice nursing career. Why not immediately start with hospice?   

2011-12-14 education:

WOW this is a great question, I commend you on this task. The only thing I can suggest is calling the nursing broad of the individual states. The other question I have for you is this? in your state 75

2011-07-08 blood test not steralized:

I am sorry you had this experience. I would immediately notify the administration of the organization. If you develop any redness or pain in the area go to the emergency room and make sure you complete


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