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I`ve spent twenty-five years in law enforcement as a state trooper and deputy sheriff. Retired as a lead homicide investigator. My interest is in answering questions dealing with ethical and moral dilemmas facing officers in the field.

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2017-03-19 Background:

Terry, I can understand the dynamics of a romantic relationship, having had the pleasure of being involved in one myself. The main focus should be on your record during those ten years, the fact that the

2017-03-18 Background:

Terry, I guess you've heard the expression, "...the devil is in the details." Not knowing  what" the fraternization involved. ( i.e., romantic, golf buddy, etc.) it's hard to assess. I guess the central

2017-03-01 Pursuing a career as a Michigan state trooper:

When I joined The State Police in Alaska the mantra for new troopers was "Be firm, but be Fair." That sank in and my actions reflected those thoughts. When I joined the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Dept

2017-01-24 police:

Jocelyn, I am hopeful that you are removed from your brother's activities...that is, that you will be able to demonstrate that your brother's activities were far removed from your activities. If you really

2016-12-05 Homicide Detective Question:

Austin, you  have asked a very significant question. And it has to do with who should and should not seek this kind of work. The details of a homicide, of course, can be quite disturbing. The details,


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