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returns 11/01/2017

Retired after 31 years in a large metropolitan PD. Areas of expertise: COVERT OPERATIONS. Management, Administration, Inspections, U/C development, Project design, Ethics, and other related sub topics in COVERT OPERATIONS.

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pw09/02/161010Thank you for your response. If I .....
stacy02/10/16101010Quick response, provided additional information.
joyce10/13/15101010I didn't see how it could be .....

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2016-02-10 FHP:

Hello Stacy,    I would be curious on why you were told as to WHY you should seek employment.  If the reason is no hiring for the foreseeable future or, if they are working off a fresh eligibility list

2016-01-20 background:

Hello Adam,  Think of any other additions you want to include, then submit an addendum, with a brief statement, of an oversight, not a deliberate omission.    Truthfulness is a key aspect of the application

2016-01-15 police:

Hello Andrew,  I'll take a stab at this question, as there are many variations of radio codes.    Mostly, it would signal radio control/dispatch, and others on the same freq to stop transmitting, as this

2015-10-23 Background Investigation:

Justin,  I have no idea why you have been dismissed in this process, if things are as you say.  Did you ask a supervisor at HR what it is you can do in the future, in order to be a more attractive candidate?

2015-10-12 work:

Hello Joyce,  Wow, what an epiphany......the 31 years in police service I really didn't have to "work", sosayeth your 32 year old police maven daughter.  C'mon Joyce, she is your daughter, and she is no


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