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Questions relating to but not limited to:

**Firefighter Entry Exams
**Education Requirements
**Physical Agility Testing
**Interview Process
**Scenario Testing
**Todays Emergency Medical Services
**Incident Response
**Apparatus Function
**Station Life
**Scene Management
**National Incident Management System.

I possess the ability and willingness to assist those who may be or have family members seeking a future in the fire service or anyone seeking general information relating to promotional opportunities, general fire safety or any other similiar topics.

I have 34 years of full time experience with the city of Overland Park, KS fire department.

Experience in the area

34 year veteran with the City of Overland Park Kansas Fire Department.

Overland Park,a large suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, is the second most populous city in Kansas with a population of 166,000

Overland Park ranks as one of the most progressive departments, as well as cities, in the United States. In 2006 CNN/Money Magazine ranked it 6th on it's "100 Best Cities to live in the United States". A recent 2007 article by National Geographic Magazine lists Overland Park as one of the top 50 US destinations.

Our department seems to grow daily and currently staffs approximately 160 paid fire and EMS personnel covering 69 square miles of territory with five stations. Our training facility is nothing less than state of the art with live computer controlled burn props on several floors of it's five story tower. A recently added Command and Control Center has added a new dimension to our regional wide response to large incidents.

I currently carry the rank of Captain/EMT. To this day I totally love my job and department as well as those individuals I work with. My family members include three brothers in the fire service as well as three in law enforcement. My father was a fire chief with a midwest fire department before he retired after 32 years of service.
I am willing and able to answer questions on any fire/EMS related subject you may have. I can help with questions related to entry level testing as well as the physical agility and the interview process. I will do my best to answer any and all questions to your satisfaction in a timely manner.


Associates of Applied Science in Fire Science
Firefighter I/II/III Certification / Kansas University
Fire Instructor I / Kansas University
Emergency Medical Techician Certification
Fire Officer I Certification / Kansas University
HazardousMaterials Recognition and Identification
Scene Safety Officer Certification / National Fire Academy
Incident Command System / National Fire Academy
Incident Management System / University of Missouri, Columbia
National Incident Management System Certification / National Fire Academy
Command and Control of Target Hazards / National Fire Academy, NFA Company Officer response to Terriosm Incidents

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