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John Wilkinson


I can help someone with understanding basics for PREP in order to compete. Also, I am both a ADMINISTRATIVE expert as well as, "expert reader". I am a "experts expert".

Experience in the area

53 times in competition. I am a well read boxing historian. I've written much on the topic (mostly reporting results). As a TRAINER, I have "been around". Not "exposed" as much as, lets say, a "John Scully ", but.. even he will tell you, I am a "master" with this SPORT.


UWBCAFO-I Founder & "Officer". [WE > ECHELON < the SPORT of pro Boxing into TWO ECHELONS. WBC WBA IBF & WBO are "equal powers" and '1e'. EVERYTHING OUTSIDE THOSE FOUR ARE "eligible". Unfortunate the massive FRAUD attached to the Sport in the name of the Ibo ("leader of the pack") & others...... "Anyone" can START UP a boxing governing group and start pronouncing world champions without pause. IT'S "WRONG"!] [It's "WRONG" & HURTS THE SPORT in the LONG RUN, "delutes us". It is what has caused the PRINT MEDIA WORLD WIDE TO > "completely back off of" serious coverage of the SPORT]


The Amateur Boxer, wrote covering USAREUR, 1977 - 79. Most part what I publish, ALL IS PRIVATE. And I am a "writer". "Published"/the only other material I remember really "showing" was at CCSC the "Recorder" there. I've done quite a few PROGRAMS at the COLLEGE HOME SHOWS. They were pretty thin, though!


College drop out.

Awards and Honors

I have involved in 17 amateur boxing Tournaments [ARMY V Corp/ ARMY USAREUR/ NEW ENGLAND multiple times the -higher range-] and have FINISHED 1ST or 2ND in them most, & 1ST more often than 2ND. In 1979 & 80 as freshman at Central CT. State College [CCSU, in "modern"], w/the help of the School president Dr. F.Don James, as well as "key" fellow students, I -founded- a CLUB Program that lasted thru at least 1992. In the course of that time, the program produced three (3) individual national College champions while as a TEAM finished in the Top three nationally in back-to-back double years. The program was recognized, before Connecticut State Senate/by proclamation, -twice- in this time period + their were numerous news stories both in print and with CH3 TV back when Kambrel Marshall was "chief" in Sports. Can't think of any other awards except the, sometimes, "nice, & massive" WRITE-UP'S I got. & "personal compliment", because, I was in more than a couple, "great fights" ("at my level"/ WELL AWARE my person doesn't "come close" to 'star' like MY FRIEND, Marlon Starling, whom I am >VERY PRIVILEGED< to know!)

Past/Present Clients

John Callas, he's a well known Referee in the "modern". We had "Johnboy" at CCSU back in early/mid 80's. "Great talent" for us and BROUGHT A LOT OF PRIDE & NOTICE to us! I've worked for one OF the Sports Academy's before and once in a'while hear from them [was "offered" position training CHINA, two years ago. I turned it -down- & offered instead one FRIEND who has "way bigger credentials" than me [THREE X USA "Coach of the Year")/ and when they >would not "look" at him,< I though then, they must of "meant it" when they told me.. if I didn't want the job, they were telling their "contacts", negotiations "closed"]. People ask me relatively -frequently- thru-the-years about "working with them". BUT..... it's NO ADVANTAGE TO ME/unless/ boxer is a KEVIN JOHNSON, or SOMETHING! "Different Story when you are ESTABLISHED, & BIG!"

What do you like about this subject?

Boxing is LOVE of mine since my childhood. The rich history, really is what GRABS ME. Especially the HVY-wt DIV. I love "BOXERS NAMES". Boxing is such a "difficult" exercise that that right there give me, a great "RESPECT" for all BOXERS. Not that I would "LIKE" every last "boxer". Because, it's a BIG WORLD/and "man kind" has so many different SIDES. But, often, .....

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

What do I hope to "achieve"/LEARN in this Sport? Oh, that is hard to say! I have Other interests now as well. It could be I may only -dab- or invest in ART. It could be big or small what is to come. Their is NO PRESSURE ON ME. But....if I could do it, I have some "ideas". [my "bigger" ambitions are Political/ and simply "business"]

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

"secrets"? : ) > BoxRec < (John Sheppard) is a VAST work on the horizon now. My own "down que" is a 94-4-2. I can "compare" that w/ boxing immortals such as JACK JOHNSON [19-8-2], JOE LOUIS [155-46-11], MUHAMMAD ALI [139-49-5], ROCKY MARCIANO [32-12-1], SUGAR RAY LEONARD [82-48-8], BERNARD HOPKINS [32-24-1], ROY JONES JR. [59-8-0].

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Boxing is OUT-LAWED in SOME NATIONS. I don't myself SAY it isn't >HARD CORE<.

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