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I can answer most questions regarding boxing instruction and or various training methods. Training for beginners or experienced professionals. I can also answer questions regarding effective weight loss.

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I have trained beginning boxers as well as accomplished professionals. I have owned and managed my own gym outside of Atlanta Georgia and currently do personilized boxing instruction and training in Tampa Florida. I have promoted professional boxing shows in St. Louis, Missouri including several World and State Championships. I have Supervised a World Championship for the International Boxing Organization and the World Boxing Board of which I am currently on their Board of Directors.


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2013-11-13 Face Savers:

Your first step should probably seek the advice of a doctor as you may have a deviated septum or another problem that would affect you very much when sparring.  Title boxing as well as Ringside sell excellent

2013-04-18 goin distance:

If you are speaking of building endurance for a fight other than running and rope jumping, I would suggest 200 punches per round on a heavybag,also if you have a good person on the mitts, they can really

2013-04-01 training methods:

First try working on combinations using the same hand such as left hook to the body then to the head, but a drill you can use is throwing and blocking combination punches with a partner where you throw

2013-03-16 Boxing basics:

The answer is somewhat subjective because nobody knows your natural talent and skill level.  Everybody is different and so is their training.  Some people need more and some need less.  Just a simple answer

2013-03-16 Boxing basics:

Yes you can learn some basics in a 4 month training period but the big qualifier is trainer and who he might be.    Joe


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