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I have a special affinity for Italian opera, but I also have a lot of experience with French and German opera. I know somewhat less about opera from countries other than these, although there are some exceptions. My main area of interest is the period 1775-1925, although there are a few baroque and modern works that I love.

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I've been listening to opera since 1963 and have amassed a large collection of recorded opera during those years. My interest here spans the entire history of recorded opera, going back to its very earliest days.


I have published a couple of lengthy reviews and a tribute to Mario del Monaco in Immortal Performances, have had some letters appear in Fanfare and have several reviews on amazon.com.


B.A., University of Maryland 1973, M.A., University of Texas 1975, J.D., University of Houston 1998 (none of these degrees are in music).

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2016-01-29 obscure record:

Hi Steve--    I am not familiar with the series you are talking about.  However, I do know that there was a series called "World's Greatest Operas" recorded in the early 1940s in the United States that

2015-11-17 Louisa Tetrazzini:

Hi Daniel--    According to Italian Wikipedia, Tetrazzini never sang at La Scala:    Nonostante il successo internazionale la Tetrazzini non cantÚ mai al Teatro alla Scala, probabilmente per volere del

2015-07-20 Fidelio or Turandot:

Hi Jeff--    I see that you are in a real dilemma.  I can't answer for you; I can only answer for me.  So...    I don't think I've ever seen a performance of an opera in a composer's hometown and it has

2013-02-14 Mezzo-soprano/baritone duets:

Hi Suzana--    You're right that there are not many.  Here are three possibilities:    "Dunque io son" from Rossini's Il barbiere di Sivglia  "In questo suolo" from Donizetti's La favorita  "Fatal mia

2013-01-10 obscure recording:

Hi Steve--    I did some more research and came up with the recording that is listed on this site.  Just do a search for Mieli.  It does indeed have the three principals that you mention.  The singers


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