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Harry Hayfield


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I can answer questions about Gilbert and Sullivan and their comic operas, where to find the words and the music and also any questions regarding plots

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Have appeared in "Ruddigore" in March 2002 and recently watched "Topsy Turvy"


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Recent Answers from Harry Hayfield

2012-02-28 Lalla Miranda:

I have not been able to find any recordings by Lalla, but a posting on does suggest that there was a recording made of Beatrice in 1923:    The Wagner sides are from 11th September 1923,

2010-01-28 Learning to Sing Classical/Opera:

I am also not a classically trained singer but can pass mustard if asked to sing in a community theatre production (which would be my first suggestion) particulary community theatres who put on either

2009-09-14 L'air de la from La Wally as sung in 'Diva':

La Wally was composed by Alfredo Catalani and as such is written in Italian (therefore a French rendition would be incorrect). has the complete Italian

2009-07-17 Flageolet technique:

A flageolet is a woodwind musical instrument and a member of the fipple flute family. Its invention is ascribed to the 16th century Sieur Juvigny in 1581. It had 4 holes on the front and 2 on the back

2009-06-23 Am I Too Old/Inexperienced?:

So, am I too old to start all this?     Of course not! I myself have only done one thing of an operatic nature and that was at age 27 (so you are not too old!)    I donít have the academic background but


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