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I can answer questions about The Capitol Steps, a political (mostly musical) satire group based in Washington, DC which performs in Washington, around the U.S., and twice a year on public radio. I can answer questions about who is performing which role in Capitol Steps sketches and songs on albums and can help identify a Capitol Steps routine (and which album or radio show includes it) based on partial lyrics. I can also provide tips and suggestions for those interested in writing and performing spoonerism-based comedy similar to the Steps' "Lirty Dies."

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I have been a Capitol Steps fan since about 1995. I own all the albums and have listened to each dozens of times. I have particularly studied (and particularly admire) the Steps' "Lirty Dies" routines and I have written and performed material of this sort. Despite the fact that I live halfway across the U.S. from Washington, I've attended many live Capitol Steps performances, including several at their permanent locations in the DC area.


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