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I can help in many questions relating child abductions to Russia. I can give some useful tips how to deal with your situation. I can help with relationships in some GUS cities and know other persons with this problem.

Experience in the area

After 4 years I start to learn how Russia works, thanks to good friends here and in Germany. Ask before you spend too much money in the wrong places.


SHG Kindesentziehung (Germany); further taking part in non-public mailing lists about this subject (international).




Besides the relationships I speak Russian quite well.

Awards and Honors

You will not get any honors when your children get abducted (by your partner). In the best case you get some small help. Often you will find officials and people making you the perpetrator although you are the victim.

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Charles Stathoulis05/17/05101010You are great Markus. I love to .....
Charles Stathoulis05/17/05101010Hi Markus, I understand where you are .....
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2004-07-02 Life in Moscow:

Hi Russlyn,    Moscow has pretty much European Standards. So you will not need to worry (any more) about food, eating or dressing. Russian women dress up quite well compared to US and Europeans. Safety

2004-06-29 Child Abductions from US to Russia:

Hello, you will not get an answer. There are no official statistics, because all states do not play with open cards and try to hide these numbers, and affected parents often do not give notice to the right

2004-03-19 we want trip to Russia:

Hi Nichan,    well, how much time do you have. Do you know how long it takes from SPB to Moscow and from there to Novosibirsk and there to Irkutsk and further to Chabarovsk? Only the journey takes weeks


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