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I can answer questions on financial needs analysis and Insurance planning. (Health, Retirement, Education and Investment-linked) I can answer more specifically questions on products marketed in Singapore. For other countries, general questions on financial planning.

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I have been a trainer in the Life Insurance Industry for 3 years, I have also managed an agency branch office for 2 years before moving into product development.


AXA Life Insurance - Marketing, Product Development


Licensed trainer in Financial Needs Ananlysis, FLMI Fellow of Life Management Institute.

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Pat07/19/03101010Thank you, Gregory!
Donna10/03/02101010Thank you , Gregory. That clears it all .....

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2012-01-13 life insurance:

Hi Paul,    Most life insurance requires you to have residency in that country as population ages vary in different countries - at the very least you ahve to be in the country tos sign the application

2010-07-22 Which Insurance co to join >>:

Hi JS,    I really cant tell you which one to join as its a personal choice.  Personally, being able to offer a wider choice of brands is a plus  Also depends on the local support - whether that particular

2010-05-18 Mixed Family Issue:

Hi Nicholas    A life insurance policy is a contract to pay a lump sum of money (called the sum insured)   upon the death of a person (the life insured) to a beneficiary.     Once the life insured dies

2004-02-10 my daughter:

Most life insurance will have some cash value after several years. You can call up the company and ask what is the cash or surrender value of the policy. However, bear in mind that if you take this surrender


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