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I can answer all questions concerning BELGIAN Insurance problems. Such as insurance-law, prices, claims, expertises,... . Please send me the questions in DUTCH. Thank you.

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jay cogswell01/11/05101010Dear Mr. Desmadryl, I appreciate your clear .....

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2011-12-05 New agent question:

I don't know how it works in Canada, but here in Belgium every business has to register itself in several databases.  In what we call "Belgisch staatsblad" (translated as national paper) those starters

2010-04-23 Claim Procedure for damage:

Hello,    Is is OK for me to answer in Dutch?  Since you're from Belgium I presume that's no problem.    Er moet in eerste instantie steeds verwezen worden naar de polisvoorwaarden, zowel de algemene als

2007-03-31 Insurance payment:

It depends on a lot of things.  Are the two persons together the owner, or is one of them the owner?  Are those persons married or legaly together?  It also depend if the fire-starter is an adult or not

2005-01-06 Flood Insurance in Belgium:

Hello,    This is the Belgian situation:    -1- Government is working on a system in which everybody who has a fire-insurance should have to pay a small amount to have coverage for floods.  They are talking


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