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I can easily answer any questions related to wedding planning, bridal consulting, wedding officiating including ceremony and vows ideas. I have a strong suit in discussing decorating, logistics and theme weddings. Discussing the issues of budget, maximizing the value of the budget and avoiding unnecessary expenses is a common subject. As a bridal consultant issues involving family issues and social expectations fall into my epertise as well. I can answer many questions involving wedding vendors but would be limited to the 'end user' side of technical services such as wedding photography, videography and various forms of digital services, like the specifics of setting up a slideshow. I understand and can answer questions involving when it should be used, who we should hire to do it, but the set up and which equipment to best use I would be referring to a vendor.

Experience in the area

I have owned and operated my own Bridal Consultant company, Perfect Touch Custom Weddings since 2004. I have worked, and continue to work as a wedding officiant for over 17 years. I am an Accredited Bridal Consultant and Certified Wedding and Event Planner. I teach a wedding and event planning class at the local community college through Lovegevity's Wedding Planning Institute. I am the director the the Association of Bridal Consultants Local Networking Group - Wichita. Outside the wedding industry, my event planning experience is extensive including planning 3 yearly educational conferences in a multi-state union, album/cd release parties, concerts, renaissance fair in a private setting, trade shows, wakes, funerals,memorial service, retirement parties, high impact birthdays and much more.


Association of Bridal Consultants, current status Accredited Bridal Consultant.


The KS/Mo current edition of the Knot Winter Issue of WedPlan KS


In this industry, my educational credits are the designation and training for Accredited Bridal Consultant with the Association of Bridal Consultants. I also have the designation of Certified Wedding and Event Planner.

Past/Present Clients

We do about25 to 50 weddings per year as either full service or day of only. We perform well in excess of 100 wedding per year as officiants. My clients have ranged from elaborate weddings with budgets in excess of 100K and 8 hour receptions to simpler affairs with tight budgets - sometimes even the cake and punch variety. We've had clients with unique themes and clients who ask for most or all of their wedding planning to take place in very short periods of time. Our typical wedding is 175-200 guests, a budgget in the 30K-50 range. This past year, there have been smaller weddings with guests of 100-150, budgets in the 15-25K range. The largest wedding guest count we've handled was just over 600. We've handled several wedding with more than 200 and 300 guests. "We" means my company where sometimes my partner has to handle the day of details because I have one of my own but I have been responsible for all planning and supervise all details for each wedding.

What do you like about this subject?

I am deeply passionate about weddings. I know that the process can be overwhelming but that with a bit of education it can also be simplified. I love to be able to help couples figure out how to navigate their wedding ...and especially love it at the end of the night when they say, "Wow it was better than I had dreamed, I couldn't have done it without you!"

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I am presenting my submission for the designation of Master Bridal Consultant at the Association of Bridal Consultant's annual Business of Bride Conference "Denim and Diamonds" in November 2012. Learning more every day!

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