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The following types of questions are fine: overall benefits of exercise, bodyfat reduction / weight loss, interests, training for specific bodyparts, order of exercises and reps/sets, routine suggestions, general questions. The following types of questions I will NOT answer: questions about physical therapy training post-injury, questions about training after medical treatment.

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Personal Trainer for people of all age groups


B.S. in Exercise Science / Kinesiology

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I have worked with and trained clients of many ages, both teenagers, college students, and adults. Many are just starting out, while others are looking to get in the best shape of their life. I've often seen that it's the one-two combo of exercise and diet which really makes an impact in seeing overall results. Every client needs to make a commitment to the lifestyle in order to see real results.

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Lee07/17/14101010Thanks for the answer and also the .....
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2014-07-07 Advice on a workout routine and gaining muscle mass:

Hi Lee,    Thanks for writing in.  I'm assuming youíre a novice to lifting.  In the beginning, you want to start slowly, ensuring that you get the proper lifting form down cold.  This is very important

2014-01-19 Rate this workout please!:

Happy New Year to you as well!    It's great that you want to achieve your fitness goals, and the beginning of the year is an excellent time to address what you are looking to achieve.  In the case of

2013-08-16 How to increase/boost my weight loss:

Hi Lee,    Great to hear that you're proactively taking steps to reduce your weight and get in shape.  I do agree to drink plenty of water at each meal.  Water not only helps with digestion, but it will

2013-07-07 Weight loss reduction:

Hi SK,    Thanks for writing.  I want to immediately congratulate you on your conscience efforts to get your health in gear!  Itís quite amazing what just a few, simple changes in your diet can make to

2013-05-15 Best way to lose 7 pounds:

Hi Shipra,    I hesitate to say that one method is "better" than another because there are a few variables here.  When you lift weights, you want to give your body a bit of time to recover before you directly


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