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Maria Faires, RD, Certified Personal Trainer

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I can answer questions related to any of the following areas general fitness, athletics, strength/weight training, flexibility, aerobic training, balance training, corrective/rehab training, personal trainers, personal training, health and wellness, diet/nutrition, weight/fat loss, dietary supplements, body composition improvement, uses of free weights, medicine balls, and stability balls. Please no questions regarding specific injuries. I would need more information then what you can provide in an email to answer these questions accurately. You must be 18 years or older to ask me a question. Please don't ask me to give you a workout to do. I can't give individualized workouts over this forum. If you need more in depth help or would like help with your specific workout plans please visit my website. I offer online or phone consultations.

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Maria Faires, RD has the remarkable distinction of being a Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Dietitian and Clinical Exercise Specialist with over twenty years in the Health and Fitness Industry. As the owner of Active Nutrition, her fitness and consulting private practice, she provides highly personalized nutrition services and personal training for her in-home clients and in her private studio. Maria offers a personal, practical approach for all levels of experience. Her programs integrate nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and flexibility training into individually-tailored plans to help develop and maintain a body full of energy and free from unnecessary injury. Through her scientifically oriented consulting practice, Maria provides a variety of cutting-edge nutrition and fitness services such as fitness hikes and grocery store tours, all designed to improve individuals’ quality of life and help them achieve optimal health. Maria acts as a consultant to her client community, authors nutrition and fitness articles and speaks to the community to offer her expertise and broad based support. Maria’s focus on delivering scientifically-based nutrition and fitness services continues to be a very timely and popular interest by individuals and corporations alike, making her a sought-after expert source for speaking engagements. Maria has become a highly regarded medical expert within the health care community on issues such as nutrition, weight management, fitness and wellness. Maria has worked as a Sports Nutritionist for several health clubs, as Chief Nutrition Educator for Group Health, Director of Clinical Nutrition and Food Services for a medical facility, and as Nutrition Specialist for NutriSystem Weight Loss Clinic. Her experiences in private practice include counseling for cardiac disease and prevention, sports nutrition, pediatric nutrition, clinical nutrition, diabetes education and weight-loss.


American Dietitic Association American Council on Exercise


Maria earned a Bachelor’s degree from Whitworth College in Food and Nutrition Science and is a Cum Laude graduate of Eastern Washington University with a second Bachelor’s degree in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics. She is certified as a Personal Trainer and Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist by the highly regarded American Council on Exercise, and is CPR and ‘Mountain Outdoor First Aid’ certified by the Seattle Mountaineers and American Red Cross.

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Hi Matthew,   Good for you for starting a plan to gain fitness and eat better!     Since you sit most of the day and have gained 60 pounds in 20 years, you will benefit from moving more. I suggest you

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 Hi Tim,  Yes, it’s true. To build muscle you need adequate calories. Calories must be present alongside sufficient and appropriate exercise to yield any significant increases in muscle.     And yes,

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Hi Darina,   I would definitely recommend doing cardio on a regular basis. And continue to do your weight lifting at least 2 days a week.     Here is an excerpt from my blog that discusses exercise guidelines

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Hi Andrea,     First of all, I'd recommend seeing your doctor about the pain you are experiencing across your shoulder blades. There are several reasons for that and can only be determined by seeing a

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Hi Lynn,   It sounds like your workout is great. You might try adding in more cardio time. Diet sounds okay. You have made noticeable progress in your enurance and strength. You say you haven't seen results


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