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I can answer questions on proper exercise technique, starting as well as growing in attaining your fitness goals and questions regrading how the human body works from an exercise physiology standpoint. I can assist with any questions regarding anatomy & physiology, stretching and rehabilitation. I am also extremely well versed and experienced in martial arts, self-defense and massage therapy.

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I have a B.S in Physical Education and a Black Belt in an eclectic martial art. I am also a certified Fitness Therapist through ISSA and a massage therapist. I can assist with questions regarding hiring a health and wellness professional as well as growing and succeeding in the field for those already working in it.


ISSA, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals


B.S. in Physical education, Black Belt, ISSA certfified Fitness Therapist.

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Eliam03/19/171010 Thank you for the answer. One .....
Eddie09/05/16101010Thanks for the advice!
Barry09/05/16101010Very good. Thanks Gregg
Barry08/04/16101010Great thanks!

Recent Answers from Greg Hoppe

2017-03-18 Ask Expert Greg:

Eliam,    So as far as getting good results from two days of training I suppose it spends on what you consider "good." It's better than nothing yes but not going to do much to help you attain your goal

2017-03-13 Ask Expert Greg:

Eliam,    You have a great goal you are trying to reach for, in fact attempting a 20 lbs. or so of muscle is quite hardy so lets break down what you are doing here and look at what you need to do. Ok so

2017-03-04 Overtraining or Hypoglycemia:

Kelvin,    The symptoms you described are indicative of lots of things including Hypoglycemia, but they also could potentially be other more serious conditions, including some terminal diseases. Not to

2016-09-04 mini trampoline:

Hey Barry,  Welcome back. So the trampoline is a great alternative to running and a wise choice for saving your knees. But you sacrifice calorie expenditure for staying pain free, at least in comparing

2016-09-02 Balance Problem:

Hi Eddie,    So not knowing anything about you and without having seen this first hand I am only able to speculate so here we go. Let's first not jump to conclusions about any weakness you may have. Perhaps


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