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Muzza Fitness

Czech Republic

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I can answer questions related to fitness, weight lifting, bodybuilding, strength training, workout plans, nutrition, weight loss, dieting, fitness nutrition and any general fitness related questions.

Experience in the area

I am a fully certified ISSA trainer and have worked in one of Central Europe's biggest gyms. In 2014 I will be an IFFB certified bodybuilder trainer.


ISSA certified personal trainer. Certified in nutrition. Junior Sports Leadership award.

Past/Present Clients

I have had many clients who had diferent fitness goals and I helped them achieve those goals.

What do you like about this subject?

I beleive in fitness.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to help as many people as possible. Helping people will give you more satisfaction than anything else in life.

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Recent Answers from Muzza Fitness

2015-09-01 rebuilding muscle by walking:

Hi Tod,    I myself have been in this situation. I broke my heel bone and couldn't put any weight on it for four months. It will take several months for your body to rebuild your leg to the way it was

2015-07-16 protein diet:

Hey,    If you're getting 3 solid meals a day with a good source of protein then you should take whey protein 3 times a day in between and after those meals. For example:    Breakfast  Shake  Lunch  Shake

2015-07-05 want to increase testosterone,:

Hi Kashif,    Using tribulus terrestris can help increase natural testosterone levels and is good for people aged 30+. Please buy it fresh as it will have more of an impact. Do some research in your area

2014-05-19 Exercise:

Did you eat prior to cycling? Complex carbs like rice, pasta, potaotes, oats? Also vitamins and a source of protein? If not then your body lacked the energy needed to complete the task hassle free. Your

2014-01-09 regarding supplements:

Hey,    I was shocked to hear your trainer thinks that whey isolate and creatine have steroids in them. I think he really needs to learn about supplement before he tells his clients incorrect information


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