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I can answer questions relateing to practical strength training, that is, training that you can actually use. sports. martial arts or just wanting to satisfy the instinct to be powerful, I can assist you.

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I have trained for jiujitsu, for military and street combat, I have trained others to adapt to physically hard jobs, for martial arts and team sports. I know what really works.

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2016-07-23 belly fat:

GENETICS  when I wrestled in school I weighed 119 pounds and had a pooch, people used to laugh at me about it, I looked like a monkey, huge forearms were my only indication of muscle, and I had a pot belly

2015-04-18 how to measure and get physycally strong:

The things you are doing will give you an advantage, stamina, and power developed through your hiit program will help you, and adding some basic strength will add to your ability to defend yourself. but

2015-01-16 How many exercises do you really need?:

I like kettlebells, that is a good plan.   I've recently started a dumbbell program where mostly all I do is clean&presses, and muscle-snatches. the depth of the starting position and explosiveness used

2015-01-15 Baseball strength training:

The answer is "neither"  your body works as a unit, strengthen it as a unit.  I once trained a girl for softball, it was one of those high intensity leagues, the girls pitched underhanded at 70 miles an

2015-01-11 To improve gripping strength:

I used to teach remedial physical training to army recruits who could not do pullups, so I have some experience with this problem. first.. understand that your body functions as a unit, whatever "split"


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