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I can answer questions about Quakerism and the Religious Society of Friends from a Universalist (non-Evangelical, unprogrammed) point of view, particularly questions about Quaker religious practice.

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I have been a practicing Friend since approximately 1998 and have been active in attending and helping to organize Friends' activities, such as retreats run by our Meeting.

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Recent Answers from David Spector

2015-01-02 Guns:

Alvin, I've changed this posting to Public so others can read these answers.    Yes, social justice activism is one of our testimonies, along with peace, integrity/honesty, fellowship/community, and equality

2015-01-01 Guns:

Alvin, Thank you for your question.    I'm a Quaker. But I'm sorry, I don't know the difference between hunting and sport shooting. I thought that hunting was a sport.    Quakers are opposed to bearing

2013-06-25 Quakers in N. C. today:

Dear Constance, Thank you for your question.    I'm here to answer simple questions about Quakerism from the general public.    Information about particular Meetings are usually available on the website

2012-03-23 bible question...:

Karina,    Thank you for your question! You obviously put a great deal of time into this, and I am very sorry to tell you that you posted it in the wrong category!    I am not an expert in the Bible, and

2012-03-19 RE: Refusal to take Oaths:

Alma, Thank you for your question.    Nowadays, oaths and affirmations are treated virtually identically under law. But this was not always the case.    During most of the 350 years or so of the history


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