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I can help translate english into spanish, and spanish into english:
pamplets, fliers, web page material, letters, songs, books, etc.

I can develop individualized plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced spanish students of all ages.

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Available upon request.

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Austen Anderson06/11/16101010 
JD04/15/16101010Ed gave me a concise and knowledgable .....
Hitesh11/03/14101010Sure LOL!!
jay04/18/14101010Thank you
Victor07/24/13Very late to respond and did not .....

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2015-01-04 learn Spanish:

I need to think about this a bit... I can put together some resources and ideas for you to think about...     THERE IS NO NEED TO FEEL SHAME FOR NOT KNOWING A LANGUAGE.   BE PROUD TO KNOW THE LANGUAGE

2014-11-03 English to Spanish for a converter:

Maravillosamente simple y Convertidor de Unidades rápido    Arrastrar - y - soltar para personalizar    Encender o apagar el nombre de la unidad completa    Convertir con o sin teclado    Agitar el dispositivo

2013-02-12 Basic Spanish Workbook?:

OK... I will try to give you a few choices here...    I've used "Spanish for Dummies" in the past a lot, it is a comprehensive book with lots of useful information to learn the language. It is, in my estimate

2013-02-11 Basic Spanish Workbook?:

What level of proficiency are you at? Are you starting from scratch? Do you know some spansh at all?  Let me know...    Thanks,    Ed

2012-06-24 Indirect Command using the Subjunctive:

1. Recomiendo que comamos ahora    2. Quiero descansar.     3. Prefiero que vallamos al boliche    4. Te pido que cantes en mi boda...    5. Necesito que me ayuden. Necesito que alguien trabaje conmigo


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