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I can help translate english into spanish, and spanish into english:
pamplets, fliers, web page material, letters, songs, books, etc.

I can develop individualized plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced spanish students of all ages.

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Available upon request.

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2016-11-19 translate to Spanish: "live love":

There are two ways you can translate that phrase...  The one that is more appropriate for the hispanic/ Spanish culture is "Viva el amor!"    If you what to literally translate, it would be vive el amor

2015-01-04 learn Spanish:

I need to think about this a bit... I can put together some resources and ideas for you to think about...     THERE IS NO NEED TO FEEL SHAME FOR NOT KNOWING A LANGUAGE.   BE PROUD TO KNOW THE LANGUAGE

2014-11-03 English to Spanish for a converter:

Maravillosamente simple y Convertidor de Unidades rápido    Arrastrar - y - soltar para personalizar    Encender o apagar el nombre de la unidad completa    Convertir con o sin teclado    Agitar el dispositivo

2013-02-12 Basic Spanish Workbook?:

OK... I will try to give you a few choices here...    I've used "Spanish for Dummies" in the past a lot, it is a comprehensive book with lots of useful information to learn the language. It is, in my estimate

2013-02-11 Basic Spanish Workbook?:

What level of proficiency are you at? Are you starting from scratch? Do you know some spansh at all?  Let me know...    Thanks,    Ed


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