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I can help with your website translation issues. If you send other translations, please include its intended use.

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Born and educated in Ecuador (including University). More details at

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Spanish may be formal, informal, fluent, with respect, generic, and using masculine or femenine pronouns; all depends on the meaning to convey and the people the message is intended to.

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Translations require interpreting, so please include as many details and notes as possible to understand the whole meaning of your composition.

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Lana03/10/14101010Wow! Thank you so much. This is .....
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Recent Answers from Fernando Doylet

2014-03-10 translate short prayer to end each of my ESL classes:

Of course Lana, here is the translation...    "Amado Seņor, le pido al Espiritu Santo que permanezca con todos nosotros, que nos guie en los estudios y que nos de perseverancia; ayudanos a tener paciencia

2013-07-13 South America:

It is about practice Victor,  Most people speak at least the speed you listen on television.  If you get spanish programming from Peru or Ecuador, you will listen exactly how we speak.  Look for the experience

2013-07-11 South America:

Good Evening Victor,    To evolve your Spanish, you should start watching Spanish TV programming. The news reporters have formal pronunciation with little or no accent, and you may understand better watching

2012-05-17 Voicemail Greeting:

Yes Michelle, the translation would be...    "Hola, este es el buzon de mensajes de __________.  Ahora estoy atendiendo el telefono o alejado de mi escritorio.  Por favor dejeme su nombre, numero, un breve

2011-10-18 translation:

Hi Lynette,    The translation is...    "Pida un Traductor.  Si usted desea un traductor en nuestra reunion, por favor marque esta opcion y escriba el lenguaje que necesita ser traducido.  Hare lo posible


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