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I will answer question on how to teach children to be media-wise so that they will want to choose the good and reject the bad. This will involve questions on: the cognitive development of children with respect to the mass media of entertainment; how the mass media of entertainment works; how the mass media of entertainment influences children at each stage of development; how to help children develop standards; why some standards work and some do not; and, what are the reasons to make wise decisions. I am not concerned with learning in school except as it relates to media wisdom, although I have had significant experience and training in that area.

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I am the chairman of the Christian Film and TV Commission. I am the publisher of Movieguide(r). I host the Movieguide(r) radio and television programs. I have financed five feature films. I was the President of the organization which produced the Emmy Award winning CBS TV program THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE. I was the Director of the TV Center at City University of NY. I worked as an L.S.A. at the U.S Attorney''s Office S.D.N.Y.

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Recent Answers from Dr. Ted Baehr

2010-01-26 Effects of swearing on society.:

Read the THE CULTURE WISE FAMILY. It has a lot of material on your topic.  Also read Cursing in America: A Psycholinguistic Study of Dirty Language in the Courts, in the Movies, in the Schoolyards and

2010-01-25 Effects of swearing on society.:

Let's talk.  Please call my appt. sec. Sandra Bell at 770-886-8598 or email her at to set up a phone meeting.   Thank you so much!   Ted

2009-07-28 Tv sex n violence:

This is a very very very big topic. There have been over 300,000 academic studies on the impact and influence of the mass media of entertainment. All of them, except one, say that television and  entertainment

2007-03-19 IQ testing:

A friend of a friend sent me this (to Dr. Ted Baehr):    Fortunately, there are some reputable organizations offering  real help in this area. See the links on my webpage:    http://www.polymath-systems

2005-08-27 how the children be wise:

here is an answer that applies to the mass media.  I hope that it helps.  ** EDUCATING YOUR STUDENTS TO BE MEDIA WISE **  By Dr. Ted Baehr   Most teachers are concerned about the influence of media violence


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