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I have a BA in Elementary Education (1-8) and Speech and an MEd. in Reading and Language Arts (K-12). I am a reading specialist. I also have a great deal of experience teaching children who are non-native English speakers. I am qualified to address teaching issues in all subjects K-8 and Reading and Launguage Arts at all levels. I am not qualified to advise people on higher levels of Math or Science. I`m also quite interested in using computers in the classroom as a teaching tool and have ideas and resources for integration of computer skills into each subject area.

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I'm a reading specialist (K-12), have taught elementary school, all subjects, for 30 years - have extensive ESL experience although I'm not officially certified. I taught computer (Macs) to K-8 for 6 years. I have taken graduate level courses on The Writing Process and completed a course on writing books for children and teens. I have taught combined grades k-2, 1-2 and 2-3. I've taught in the US and abroad - I have worked in Libya, Morocca, Chad, Japan, headed up a school in Indonesia and am now the director of the American International School of Niamey, Niger - Africa.


MEd. - University of Vermont - Reading and Language Arts/Reading Specialist; K-12 Administrator - Plymouth State University, NH.
BA - Muskingum College - Elementary Ed / Speech

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2016-11-07 What should a teacher?:

If they are having a private conversation I can't see what the problem is.  If they are in a group where no one else speaks their other language, then I would talk to everyone about polite behavior when

2016-09-26 Why would a 12 year old girl like it:

Possibly because she trusts you --- did her parents introduce you or was there some other connection that might have made her feel safe?  And whether or not she 'liked' it can't be measured.  Some children

2015-03-14 Educational games for children:

Kelly, thank you for filling me in - I'm happy to help.    When I select board games for children, the first thing I do is see the suggested ages for the game.  The makers usually have tested their games

2011-11-28 Doesn't concentrate in class and slow to learn:

Dear Caroline,    I can feel your frustration and anxiety over this and my heart goes out to you.  I have often taught children with as many as five fluent languages under their belts and I know that fears

2011-04-06 child with autism and dyslexia:

Dear Michelle,    My heart goes out to you, Michelle.  I wish I had more experience working with autistic children.  Combined autism and dyslexia is a challenge.  I have not worked in the US since 1990


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