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I am a retired reading specialist. I taught reading to children in grades 1-4 for 32 years. I can answer any questions from parents or educators about problems children may be having learning to read. I can also offer some ideas to educators, parents and tutors for teaching children how to become successful readers.

Experience in the area

I worked with small groups of children in a public elementary school setting. I have also worked with and trained teachers in the field of reading. I have also done one-to-one tutoring in the field of reading.


I have written for a few teacher magazines including "The Mailbox" and "The Bookbag."


My undergraduate degree is in English and my Master's degree is in Reading with Emphasis on Learning Disabilities.

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It is still not appropriate to be speaking a language that no one iunderstands. The adult and child are in a school setting. The teacher is responsible for the safety of the child. Even if nothing inappropriate

2016-11-07 What should a teacher do?:

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2016-11-07 What should a teacher do?:

I don't see any that no wrong with the adult and atudent speaking in their native language unless they are doing it in front of a person who doesn't understand the language. That kind of behavior is rude

2016-10-10 10th grade, readong on 2nd grade level:

Hi Jill,  It is very admirable of you to help the young lady with her reading.  I do hope that you will be able to meet her in person because I'm sure it isn't easy to help her from afar.  I will certainly

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It sounds like the girl has absolutely no self esteem and is willing to be with a man who is fathering children with other women. The age difference suggests that the girl is looking for a father figure


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