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I can answer some questions about how to do homeschooling, and what resources are available. I can talk about my experience homeschooling, and how children who have been homeschooled enter adulthood, and how they do.

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We homeschooled our seven children through high school. I have also worked with other homeschooling families on an informal basis, from different perspectives. We have thirteen grandchildren. Our family is very, very close. I am proud of the way our children help each other, even to the extent of living together to save expenses, including the married ones. I almost completed a degree in Asian studies as well, and we have also helped our children handle the issues of other cultures.


I have a BA in art, and have studied the Montessori Method in formal settings. I observed in various schools, read many books, and volunteered in the Montessori classroom. I also studied piano for many years, and organ, and play two other instruments and sing. In many areas, I am self-taught. I read 15 languages, and I have spent thousands of hours reading law. I also have an interest in science and have read extensively in certain areas. I have a working knowledge of Christian apologetics. As an amateur ethnobotanist, I have done a study of the uses of Sonoran Desert plants, and have written material which covers hundreds of pages. I was the general contractor for building our house, and also raised goats and other animals. I am currently a professional artist and a field ornithologist. In other words, I have a widespread background in many subjects.

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