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Hello! I am an Indiana resident and able to answer questions specific to my state. I also utilize computers (both canned programs and internet) extensively, and the learning opportunities available in field trips.

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I am currently educating my school age children, and helping others in my community do the same. One has already graduated and is in college.


I am a former member of the South West Indiana Home Educators steering committee, and a member of the Indiana Association of Home Educators.


I have a BS from the University of Evansville, extensive specialty post-secondary training in my vocation and 14 years of on-the-job training. (I also teach at a local college.)

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2012-04-12 Online Homeschool:

If there are, I am unaware of them.  Usually advanced high school students just begin taking college classes, and the parent counts them as they want (standard curricular, honors, etc).  I know that at

2009-12-25 working while studing:

I have no idea what the homeschooling laws are pertaining to your country.  The whole concept of HOME schooling is that you learn at your home with private curriculum taught by parents.  If you are able

2009-08-24 homeschooling:

There is no best way to homeschool.  It is a very individualized process for each family, and within each family to each student--that is why it is so successful.  We each have different teaching and learning

2006-12-18 homeschooling:

Hi,  You don't say how old you are, so that is the first issue...the whole thing of you being home "schooling" while your parents are unable to help.  When a child is homeschooled in the later grades (upper

2006-10-17 curriculum:

There are quite a few on the market...I personally do not use the 'whole grade in a box' concept so I cannot tell you what programs are available in that area.  As far as the others, Saxon math and phonics


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