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My expertise is searching the Internet for answers to almost any question or topic imaginable. I know how to ask the right questions. Just want to help others to try to find answers. The least I could do is try. I enjoy "the hunt."

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I have 25 years experience in looking for answers to the most bizarre questions. For the past few weeks I was listed in the "Miscellaneous" category and folks somehow found me. Please check my ratings there for the past three weeks.

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With every question I research I learn something new

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Researching is like a psychiatrist working with a patient

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It "usually" doesn't make a difference which of major search engine one uses, it is how the query is thrown at the Internet. But, various engines do different things.

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Gregory09/24/16101010Thanks Pat for taking the time to .....
Angel05/29/16101010Thanks a bunch, Pat!! Sincerely, Angel
rick03/22/16101010Thanks Again! Rick
Kenneth01/18/16101010Thanks for the quick reply!

Recent Answers from Pat Dunlap

2016-10-18 Finding Website:

You don't specify what you mean by "programs", but I'll assume you want financial assistance or other services to help get by day-to-day.  My first search seems to be what you want:  https://www.benefits

2016-08-19 Finding a video posted to internet over 10 years ago:

Otis, you don't provide any details, but if the video is still on the Internet, then it should be available with or without money.  You'll have to give some info on where you saw it, what it was about

2016-08-17 how do i browse the internet:

Howdy, Raphael. That's a great question and you are not alone with this "frustration" of knowing how to use the right words and tools in a query.  I could type a lot of advice based on experience, but

2016-05-26 Living Robot Productions E-mail Address:

Hi, Angel.  Sorry for the delayed response, but we've had high school graduation craziness here at the house for days now.  I can't find an email nor a person or group by that name.  Plus Production appears

2016-03-16 how to filter searches by date:

Howdy, Rick!  First,as far as I know what happens in Cyberspace, stays in Cyberspace, unless someone who controls such data is able to take it down which is not an easy process.  Regarding filtering, do


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