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Richard Rost


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I am happy to answer any questions about Microsoft FrontPage. I use FrontPage daily, and can help with web page design, FP-specific usage, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, or any other problems you're having. I currently use FrontPage 2003. Also, please be sure to check the Microsoft Frontpage Tips & Tricks and Microsoft Frontpage Tutorials sections of my web site.

Experience in the area

I have been using FrontPage since it first came out. I have been teaching FrontPage (all versions) in the classroom since 1999, and online through computer tutorials since 2002.


I have been volunteering on AllExperts in the categories of Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, and Weight Loss for many months now.


I have created a line of computer tutorials online at


Personally, I am self taught. I've learned everything I know from books and trial & error. If I don't know the answer, I know how to find it.

Past/Present Clients

I have over 20,000 happy clients worldwide.

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Recent Answers from Richard Rost

2015-01-11 FP 2003 FTP Upload Problems:

I used FP 2003 just fine on Windows 7. You just have to make sure you use FTP and hot HTTP.    I would recommend downloading Expression Web (it's FREE) from Microsoft. That's what I use now. No problems

2012-12-31 Pictures in Frontpage 2002 only showing as X:

Looking at some of your HTML, you're referring to images in folders that start with an underscore _ character. These, by default, are hidden folders. That could be part of the problem.    src="_themes/suit1/bullet1

2012-05-30 Opening .wmv files using WMP:

Lately I've been hating WMP more and more. I too have produced video tutorials using WMP in the WMV format since about 2001. Over the past couple of years

2012-03-29 multiple domains:

This really isn't a FrontPage question, it's more of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) question, but I can give you my advice.    If you want to be found in search engines, the BEST way is to have PROPER

2011-11-13 Speed up .mov loads in frontpage:

How about uploading your video to YouTube and just embedding it into your web page that way? They have the best load times of any site I've worked with. I include a lot of my tutorials as embedded YouTube


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