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I am a Microsoft MVP - Expression Web (was FrontPage for five years) and have several FP/EW help sites. If I take the time to answer your question, respond in kind and take the time to fill in the ratings and comments - good or bad. Thanks.

Experience in the area

I have several FrontPage and Expression Web help sites, ezines and lists.

What do you like about this subject?

Anything and everything

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

To learn PHP and ASP

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

You should put editable tags around metas in the dwt so that the metas on attached pages are not overwritten when the dwt is updated.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

FrontPage Bots (except the FrontPage Include) should not be used per se. There are alternatives that are easy to use and meet standards.

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Alex02/20/15101010Hi Tina, thank you for the answer .....
Rolf02/19/15101010As usual, Tina Clarke knows her stuff .....
Conor Cronin05/09/14101010Tina Clarke Very Helpful, Thank you.
Abdollah09/30/13101010Nice answer,knowledgeable,clear and polite, but .....

Recent Answers from Tina Clarke

2015-02-20 Front Page with no internet:

Recalculate hyperlinks under Tools. This should make things quicker. Do this at the end of each session of editing. I always do it before I publish as well.    What is the link to your site?    Are you

2015-02-11 Expression web4:

I would have to see the website got a link?    Yes it is safe to fix them. Go to the page via the broken hyperlinks panel sometimes if the link is long with lots of script coding then it may appear broken

2014-10-17 HTML:

That code is outdated you need to use transitions for example or you can use  jQuery

2014-04-06 Error 550:

Hi Conor    You might want to read this.    You said you were publishing

2014-04-04 Error 550:

Hi Conor      I can't see the image as its too small and won't enlarge.    What is your website link?    Which version of FrontPage?    Are you publishing with FrontPage extensions or using ftp in FrontPage?


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