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Can answer most questions about formatting Web pages and building Web sites using Composer. I am familiar with most components of Compuser including publishing and html source code.

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I have been working professionally with computers for more than 40 years. I currently teach Web site development using xhtml at a major midwest university. While I now use Nvu, an open source upgrade to Composer, I started with Composer when it was first introduced. I taught Web site development using Composer for several years.


Multiple journals and conference procedings. Technical editor for a comprehensive xhtml book just recently published.


Ph.D. in Information Systems from the University of Cincinnati. Passed five part CDP exam in 1981. Began teaching at the university level part-time in 1980 and full time in 1986.

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If you are now using composer, you may want to upgrade to Nvu. It is free from and works independently from a browser. Users of Firefox will like it. It provides a site manager for publishing that is pretty efficient.

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David03/06/11101010Excellent! Thank you.

Recent Answers from Jerry Braun

2012-01-07 Web Page Sound:

With Firefox, the .wav file worked immediately and the .mid file worked after I installed Quicktime.  With IE, the .wav file did not work, but the .mid file worked using Windows Media Player.  I saw that

2012-01-03 Web Page Sound:

I can see your code by clicking view/source in the browser.  This is what I found:    <p><BGSOUND SRC="" LOOP=1>  <p><embed src="" autostart="true"

2012-01-02 Web Page Sound:

I am a little rusty on sound myself, but I should be able to help you.  Quite a bit has changed with regard to embedded sound files over the last 10 years.  I assume that this is an embedded background

2011-03-18 Kompozer:

Caption is actually a tag that can be used within a table cell to associate text with an image, but it looks like you are not using table cells for your images. The tag is not directly supported by Komposer

2011-03-13 Kompozer:

Sorry I am late getting back to you on this.  I was out of town at a conference.    I no longer have the link to your site, so I cannot look at your code.  The answer to your question depends to some degree


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