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I can answer pretty much any question involving learning to swim and the techniques involving swimming. I am also a mom who is teaching my almost 5 yr old son and 2 year old daughter to swim. My background is with the American Red Cross and their programs and affiliations.

Experience in the area

I ran Camp Hochelaga's waterfront for 3 years, I taught swim lessons for 8 years, I have been a lifeguard instructor, I was a lifeguard.


BA in Education as well as a BA in Psychology from Johnson State College Class of 2001

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Honestly at this point I swim and teach for enjoyment purposes only.

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2012-03-16 How do I prevent skin darkening from chlorinated pools:

Good Morning,  I am not in Bangladesh and therefor I am sorry but I do not know what products they use to for chlorine. I do know that the products in the United States do not cause this kind of problem

2011-04-04 Strengthening:

I cannot tell you for sure if it will help. Swimming is however low impact and good for joint and muscle issues. I would confirm with your doctor that it is okay to use your shoulder swimming before you

2011-02-20 freestyle swimming and shoulder pain:

Hello Jay,    I would not stop swimming as for it is a great sport and relatively low impact on the body. I do not answer medical questions as for it is out of my area of expertise but if I were in your

2010-10-07 freestyle turn:

Good Morning,  I think I need a little more information from you.  It sounds like your freestyle turn is right are you pushing your arms up like you are going into the breast stroke. I apologize if I completely

2010-06-22 unable to swim:

That is a great question. Has he had the opportunity to work with a kick board on endurance? How is his stroke technique? Perhaps that is the best place to start. Sorry about adding a question to a question


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