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Will answer all questions related to writing fiction short stories, including plotting, theme, style, narration, etc.,. Will not answer questions about copyright, publication laws, marketing, etc.,.

Experience in the area

I've been writing fiction for some 35 years, mostly short fiction, in all genres (..western, science fiction, mainstream).


"South Dakota Review," "Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine," "Hometown Press."


BA, Liberal Arts, with major course work in literature and fiction writing.

Awards and Honors

1st place, Portland State University annual fiction contest.

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Kaylee01/28/12101010thank you very much!
Gracie James11/04/10101010Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. The .....
Dennis Vanvick05/09/09101010 
Enzo01/26/09101010Thanks for the clarification.

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2012-01-28 writing:

Hello Kaylee...  Your story idea is very interesting. There are all kinds of different ways you can plot it. One thing is to make sure there's some kind of conflict in it though; that's one of the major

2010-11-04 The Little Limping Girl:

Hi, Gracie...  You show great potential as a writer..!  I enjoyed your story; there's a lot of tenderness and compassion in it.    One thing I've done is taken the first few paragraphs and tightened up

2009-05-08 An Opening...:

Hello Dennis...and thanks for using AllExperts  Overall you're opening paragraphs are very well done. I really can't see any major changes that might improve them. I would suggest you be wary of "loose"

2009-01-26 Scene changes:

Hello Enzo...and thanks for using AllExperts  Yes, scene changes can be tricky, but there are a number of ways to work with them. In the sample you included Spillane might have written something like this

2008-06-16 Submitting short stories:

Hello Jon...and thanks for using AllExperts  The very best source for everything having to do with getting books, short stories, poems, screenplays and everything else published is "Writers' Market." It


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