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How to write short stories. How to be published. Writing as a craft. What is a story.

Experience in the area

Published over 22 short stories and 2 novels. Previous acquisition editor of Mysterical-E and previous fiction editor of Futures Magazine


St. Louis Writers Guild, Mystery Writers of America


Futures Magazine, Blue Murder, Somliloquy, AlienQ, AIM, Love Kills anthology, Felonious Felines anthology


Master's Degree in Computer Science. Bachelors Degree in Chemistry & Psychology

What do you like about this subject?

I never know in what world I'll find myself on any given day.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to continue to improve my craft, to entertain people, to teach people through my stories.

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Prashant S Akerkar 08/25/16101010Dear Brian Thanks. Prashant
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2014-09-19 Simple tenses question and writing twist:

Most fiction is written in past tense, especially first person. You should try to be consistent with your point of view. Don't switch between first and third. You can change your point of view character

2014-02-23 Novel Category.:

To answer your first question I don't feel any genre is harder or easier than any other. If it is a genre the writer is interested in then they will be able to write. However good fiction is never easy

2013-01-30 Writing Contests?:

I have not been involved with writing contests for some time. I tend to believe they are more of a money maker for the person putting on the contest than anything else. But, you should be able to search

2011-11-05 Multiple Submissions:

Virginia,    I think you mean simultaneous submissions - right - to more than one publisher at a time. If that is what you mean, if the market does not say no simultaneous submissions, then go ahead. You

2011-08-28 cover letter:

Is the magazine asking for a cover letter? If it's not required, I generally don't even do one. If so, keep it brief. You can mention previous publications, if any. Make sure you state what rights you


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