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I can answer such questions as "What is a short story?" "How do I go about writing one?" "How do I know when I`ve got a good idea?" Also questions on characters, plot (if any), conflict, resolution, etc. I cannot tell you how to get published or what formats might be interested in your work. My concern is with the story itself - does it work or doesn`t it?

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I have read many short stories for pleasure and even more with a critical eye. I know what a short story is and is supposed to be. I have edited fiction books and contributed articles to several e'zines.


BA in English/creative writing, 35 years studying, teaching, mentoring, and writing/editing.

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First Place, Answerpool.com's second annual poetry contest.

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2016-08-24 Multiple Morals in story:

Hello Prashant:    Absolutely there can be multiple morals in a story, fiction or non-fiction (a non-fiction piece would generally not be called a "story" but an essay). I have read many stories that taught

2013-03-08 character developement:

Hello Ryan:    Excellent question! I also struggle with this aspect of fiction, but I will do my best to help you.    A great deal of character development takes place internally. Sophie might start out

2012-07-11 Story:

Hello Ryan:    It's not only possible, it could be fascinating. I hsve no idea what the "slender man" myths are, but were I writing this, I would make him tall and strong, good-looking, drives a nice car

2010-11-28 Novice Writing:

Hi Joey:    Getting your story from your mind onto paper is the hard part!    Here are some tips that might help:    1. Generally speaking, short stories are short:    Flash Fiction: 1,000 words or less

2009-09-24 My short story:

Hello Alora:    Thank you for writing.    I think you have come up with an interesting idea for your story. To answer your questions:    1.  Even if this subject has been written before, you can be sure


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