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I can answer all questions regarding Stargate SG1, the original movie, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. I try to be fully up-to-date and have all the released DVDs so far. I can answer questions on the characters, the actors that play them, behind the scenes information, technology, mythology and questions involving quotes and the episodes, including future storylines and news etc. Any question I don`t know the answer to I will happily research until I find it.

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I have been a fan of the show since it was first aired. I try to be fully updated and have all the released DVDs including that of the movie that started it all.


I am an allexpert in a number of categories.

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Musa Abu Ayyoub01/22/13101010Again, H Louise excedes all expectations and .....
Stephen10/17/11101010Thanks for the info!!
Gary11/16/0910Thank you for your answer. But, and .....
Bob Davis06/29/091010Thanks for ur answer. It helped.

Recent Answers from H Louise

2013-01-20 Size and cost of Atlantis, plus a couple other questions about the Atlantis Design.:

Hi Musa Abu Ayyoub,    Thank you for your questions.    Yes all the information I have found so far says as you say, that internal volume of Atlantis is comparable to every building in Manhattan. One source

2011-10-17 Iris Diaphragm diagram.:

Hi Stephen,    Thank you for your question.    The Stargate's Iris appears to have 20 overlapping blades that swing outwards to form a near-circular opening, and then close again afterward. This looks

2010-05-27 stargate oricle:

Hi James,    Thank you for your question.    Can you give me any more information? Do you know what series or episode this character was in?    Was it in the 100th episode when they were spoofing Farscape?

2010-04-17 woman at Antartica:

Hi Sheri    Thank you for your question.    In the episode 'Rising' of SGA we see the Ancients at the beginning of the episode, set several million years ago on Earth.   We know through the SG1 episode

2010-03-21 Jaffa/Goa'uld:

Hi CJ,    Thank you for your question.    We know in the Stargate timeline, that the Goa'uld Ra, discovered Earth and took a human as his host. He enslaved the human race and eventually allowed the rest


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