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I have a website called The site allows a woman to enter a few basic measurements and create a virtual (3D) model of their body. The purpose of the site is to give them visual information as to what is right and not right for their body type. I can answer any questions pertaining to body type, style, color analysis, and what is right for each body type.

Experience in the area

I have been a costume designer for over 25 years. I am credited as a designer in over 150 shows, including film, gaming, and theater. As I grew in my craft, I discovered that I had an eye for what type of garment is good for the female body, how each body type looks different the same garment, and how easy it is to create 'rules' to follow to always look as pulled together as possible while maintaining an individual sense of style.


High school graduate Private classes in: Make-up, wig design, sewing, pattern making, cutting, millinery, design, rendering, and fabric enhancement.

Awards and Honors

Nominate seven times for the prestigious Carbonell Award in South Florida as best costume designer. Winner of one Carbonell Award.

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Cameron03/23/17101010I really appreacate you answering this question .....

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2016-11-02 Regarding which colors go together:

Possibly. I would consider it to be a street style look, so when putting the necklace with the sweatpants, consider your whole oytfit very carefully. Every detail needs to be right with every other detail

2016-10-29 Regarding which colors go together:

Neither jacket will work well with sweatpants, but should work with a pant that fits closer to your body, such as stretch jeans, leggings, etc.  Since it is a neutral, it should go with most colors.  I

2016-10-27 saddle shoes:

I think they are perfect!  They show a sense of style and class.  As to traditional saddle shoes, quite honestly, no one will see the difference between the pair you have chosen and a traditional saddle

2016-05-06 Parisian styling:

Actually, the Bohemian look originated in France after the French revolution.  This site has some good information about it and the elements of Bohemian style.

2016-04-29 Parisian styling:

Parisian style is a streamlined look.  Slim ankle pants, pencil skirts, fitted sweaters, casual structured jackets.  Dresses have full skirts and are fitted above the waist.    Shoes should be boots that


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