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I have been a licensed manicurist, in California, and successful business owner since 1986. I can answer any question as it pertains to nail care treatments. I consider myself to be an expert in Natural Nail Care, but have had experience in all areas. I am also proficient in business building, marketing and sales development. I grew up in a Salon atmosphere, as my mother owned a salon and by the age of 15, I was responsible for all aspects of her business including, A/R, A/P, payroll & accounting. I feel I can answer most any question and if I am unable to answer any question I will direct the question to the appropriate expert.

Experience in the area

I have experience in all areas of nail and foot care and business building.


Who's Who of Cambridge, Support & Sponsor Walk for Breast Cancer,STAND, Nami, St Jude Children's Hospital. Local Schools, Public & Private, local sports programs, Little League, Pleasant Hill Rebels and Walnut Creek Mauraders & Walnut Creek Rotary.




Licensed Manicurist since 1986.

Awards and Honors

Who's Who of Cambridge, voted local as Best Natural Nail Care Specialist, Diablo Magazine, San Francisco Magazine, Manta and several other Internet Review sites. Earned 6 National Awards for Outstanding Sales and Unit Developement with a National Cosmetic Company. I was rated in the top 2% of the Company's 400,000 sales staff.

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Lisa10/14/16101010Thank you for your help
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Recent Answers from Pamela Golightly

2017-01-14 Chemical burns and nail infection from nail salon full set of acrylics:

Debra, Thank you for visiting AllExperts.  I only supply Natural Nail Care but, I am very aware of these   Chemical Nail Treatments.  I am not a doctor or Attorney so I cannot address  What appears to

2016-12-23 Personal issues with pedicures:

Katie, Thank you for contacting AllExperts! Your cousin is absolutely correct! You are not being fussy. Polish should never be on the cuticle.  I think it is time for a new manicurist, as there is nothing

2016-10-08 Manicure treatments:

Lisa, thank you for contacting all My name is Pamela Golightly I have been a natural nail care specialist for 30 plus years. The importance I'm not real sure about your question but most important

2015-12-21 Nail Infection and deshaping:

Muhammad,  welcome to all experts. I am not a doctor and without seeing your toes and feet is difficult to assess.  That being said, i would suggest you soak your feet in apple cider vinegar ( 1 cup vinegar

2015-10-18 Allergy to Gel manicures:

Hello Mary, thank you for visiting AllExperts. There are more and more companies coming out with Gel products. I am not aware immediately of any Hypoallergenic products for Gel, as it is a highly contained


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