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I have been a licenced nail specialist since 1996 and can answer any question about nail services. Acrylic, Gel, Manicures, Pedicures, Gel Polish's, Spa or traditional style of nail services.

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Acrylic, Gel, Manicures, Pedicures, Gel Polish's, Spa or traditional style of nail services.


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Former Miss America Debbie Turner Bell

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Recent Answers from Karen New

2017-03-09 Prosthetic Toenail:

Hi Hannah,  Thank you for your email, I understand that you had part of your toenail surgically removed and the nail bed didn't grow back normally. I am certified with LCN to do gel prosthetic toenails

2017-01-09 Gel French Manicure:

Hi Kathy  I am not completely understanding your question. You mentioned 2 week gel fill so I do not understand whether you are wearing hard gel enhancements or a gel polish. Enhancements would require

2016-12-23 Problems with polish in pedicures:

Hi Katie   I'm sorry to take so long to answer your question, this is an extremely busy time in the salon and this is my first free moment.  Ok, you said you are getting gel pedicures, I'm not sure if

2016-05-30 polish chipping:

Hi Mary  Thanks for your followup question. Taking fish oil, biotin, calcium and others are fantastic. When you take something internally they will go to vital systems first, the nail like your hair outside

2016-05-30 polish chipping:

Hi Mary,  I understand that you are having an issue keeping nail polish on. I'm a little confused with your question. You didn't say if you are seeing a nail technician or not. I will try and address your


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